Luisa and Maurizio’s dream

In an ancient Parmesan Apennines farmstead, our dream of a “new life” came true. A farm holiday in the countryside, organic crops, a workshop where to create tasty products, and a new passion for chillies.

Ca’ d’Alfieri is the outcome of a 20-year-long love story, when we decided to give us a new beginning.

After leaving our city jobs in Brescia and Treviso, we bought and made our new house over, seated in an amazing place in Noveglia Valley 10 km from Bardi.

Our farm was founded in 2000 and soon became an accommodation utility with comfortable rooms and a restaurant, serving a simple but creative cooking. We live in close quarters with nature and this is what we offer to people who come to Ca’ d'Alfieri: a countryside place which can be reached by travelling along mountain roads, but you will be rewarded with the beauty of our old farmhouse, a life with slow rhythms where taking your time to talk and listen, or keep quiet while enjoying the enchantment of the valley.