Our Farm

Ca’ d’Alfieri is located in the Noveglia Valley, 10km from Bardi Castle, 650 metres above sea level.

We started in 2000 as a biological farm specializing in greenhouse and open field horticulture. In 2002 we added strawberries in the greenhouses, and raspberries, currants and blackberries in the fields.

Our Store  

In July of our first year we opened a store in the centre of Bardi, "La Bottega di Ca’ d’Alfieri", where we make our own jams, sauces and preserved vegetables.

Designed to resemble a kitchen from the early 1900s, La Bottega di Ca’ d’Alfieri is decorated with rustic period furniture and baskets made by local artisans filled with products from our farm.

Alongside daily fresh vegetables you will find many bottles and jars of our creations: jams (especially strawberry), marmalades and conserves of seasonal cultivated produce as well as wild fruits and berries collected from nearby woods and along streams bordering our farm. Our vegetable preserves (pickled and in oil), salsas and sauces are made following traditional local recipes.

We are continuously searching for new flavours and recipes both traditional and modern, and already produce a range of creations using antique varieties of fruits, rose hips, prugnolo (prunus spinosa), olivello spinoso (hippophae rhamnoides), hawthorn, etc.

Our respect for quality

In order to preserve and heighten the quality of our products, our store’s kitchen has been fitted with an innovative work counter, where our products are pressure-cooked at low temperatures (65°-70° C), shortening the length of time needed for cooking. This way, neither the natural vitamins and mineral, nor the colours, flavours or scents become damaged. Naturally this means we need never use chemical additives or conservatives, or artificial flavours of any sort.

In 2004 we completed our enclosure for raising free-range pigs. Our 10 "Parmesan Black" pigs have at their disposal one hectare of woods, fields, and marshland.

The farmhouse

Our farmhouse has been open since summer 2005 in our restored and renovated villa.

The work was completed using the standards and materials of bio-construction, with particular attention to the recycling of original and traditional materials of the house and region.

The old stable has been transformed into a large dining hall that can hold up to 30 people. Naturally, the ingredients for all our meals are primarily from our own farm and are produced using the biological method.


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